AirchexxLive Returns – Restored Audio & Unscoped Airchecks!

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AirchexxLive Returns!

In the coming days, our official Airchexx Streaming Aircheck Channel, AirchexxLive returns and it’ll be better than ever! You’ll not only hear the best of radio from, we’ll have unscoped versions of the original tapes and some original airchecks we still haven’t posted on the main site!

What station from the past would YOU like to hear again? Send an email and let us know. We’ll try to find it for you.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the main website museum at, and then go & subscribe to our Official Airchexx YouTube Channel, called “Airchexx Classic Radio”. We’re adding more video airchecks every day!


About a year ago, I turned off our official internet station, AirchexxLive, so that I could build a Classic Rock station to compliment my main online station, HitOldies. I ran that through the Summer of 2020 hoping to see a bump in our audience numbers. Unfortunately, it fell flat on its face. That was partly due to the fact that there was limited exposure in social media. There’s only so much one can do using the free services available. So, I turned it off last October and for a time, I simulcasted HitOldies while we did a special MusicRadio 77 WABC weekend. That simulcast continued until about a month ago. I finally turned the encoder off completely after our “Time Machine” weekend, where this station reached a record number of listeners over the 3 day period.


Initially, the station will play all of the telescoped airchecks we have on the server. I’ll be adding in unscoped versions for those station clips where we have the master copies, and editing those for one-hour segments so that everything fits within the constraints of a radio station format.

Eventually, AirchexxLive will include hourly national news and a national weather report. Hopefully, we will be able to advertise. This station needs to support itself. To that end, there will be a PAYPAL DONATION link on this website, so that listeners can help support our efforts. If advertising revenue doesn’t come along, as we add more unscoped airchecks, this will end up a subscription service. Don’t let that happen! Make a donation once we are fully back online and help make AirchexxLive the ONE internet station that airs ALL AIRCHECKS, ALL THE TIME!

Thank you, God bless and be safe!

Steve West,
Founder, & AirchexxLive

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