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Please Donate!This all started out as a labor of love back in 2002.  For many years we were funded and helped by a company I helped start –  Since September of this past year, I’ve been on my own attempting to host and pay the expenses for this endeavor and our parent site,  I can’t do this alone.  The site and the station must pay for itself.

We MUST have support from you to continue to operate.  To date this year, we have received $20.  That doesn’t come close to paying our bills.  I sincerely ask you all, if you enjoy this station and and our efforts to archive great radio to give generously.  Here’s the link to our paypal account.  The bills for January have NOT been paid yet.  Please help!  Become an Airchexx Live Supporter.  It’s easy and you get a ONE MONTH FREE TRIAL!  You have three options.  See below.

Right now, this is voluntary.  If this doesn’t work and we get no support, I’ll make it mandatory.  If you have the ability to help, please subscribe!  And for suggestions on how to improve our programming, please be sure to email me.  I WILL respond!

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Steve West – Owner and Station Manager!

Program Schedule

Tee RexUpdated Program Schedule eff. 12/04/2018:

Our latest schedule TFN:
0000 – 0600: Assorted Airchecks
0600 – 0900: Airchexx in the Morning – News, Sports & Features from select News sources.
0900 – 1730: Assorted Airchecks
1730 – 1800: News
1800 – 2100: Tee Rex on Airchexx with Classic Hits of the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s
2100 – 2359: More Classic Radio Airchecks

All Classic Radio Airchecks All Day!
Coming Soon: Hit Oldies with Brett Provo

0000 – 1200: Assorted Classic Radio Airchecks
1200 – 1400: Tee Rex Rewind
1400 – 1700: that thing with Rich Appel
1700 – 1800: Top 40 Timeline with Big Daddy
1800 – 2359: Assorted Classic Radio Airchecks

Steve WestHear MORE Classic Radio Airchecks online at!

Rex on Airchexx Live!

Tee Rex
Be sure to listen to every weekday to Rex McNeil!  “Rex on the Radio” as he goes by!  2300 UTC – that’s 6pm Eastern Time and 3pm Pacific (Afternoon Drive!).  Rex plays the very best Classic Hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s, with a few 60s thrown in there as well!!  Rex is known for his radio career in San Francisco at stations like KFRC-FM, KNCI, KJOY and others!  Be sure to welcome him to our station!

Here’s a Sample of Rex McNeil on 99.7 KFRC-FM